Just because your roof is leaking it does not always mean that you require a new roof.
Roof repairs are common, and generally sufficient enough to fix your issue. However this will not always be the case.

A site survey must be carried out to determine wether a new roof is required.
This answer depends on various factors, including, the size of your roof, the choice of product for your roof and which access equipment is required, also details such as roof lights and chimney's need to be factored in.
For this question to be answered fully, a site survey needs to be completed where all of the necessary factors are taken in to account.
No, scaffolding will not always be required.
Sometimes other access equipment may be more suitable.

We understand that scaffolding costs can be high and we aim to complete works in the most cost effective way possible.
Sometimes however the use of scaffolding can not be avoided. If this is the case, we only work with fully insured and licensed companies.

Any access equipment required can only be determined following a site survey.

The answer to this question depends on several factors again,
all of which can only be ascertained following a full site survey.

An estimated duration for the works will be indicated prior to any works being carried out.
Most roof coverings are expected to last between 20-25 years.
However a roofs life expectancy ultimately depends on the quality, durability and type of material chosen.
For example,  natural slates and clay tiles will have a longer life expectancy than a concrete tile.
Yes, any waste created during works can and will be removed from site if required.
If works are extensive, skip hire is normally the most practical solution.
If works are on a smaller scale, waste will be removed from site by ourselves and disposed of responsibly.
We are registered waste carriers.

we are covered up to £2,000,000 for public and product liability and £10,000,000 employers liability 
Generally no.
Moving out of your property whilst work is completed would only be required in certain circumstances, for example if your roof structure was in particularly bad condition and unsafe.
Roof work is dangerous, and should only be carried out by trained and competent individuals. Death or serious injury can occur if something goes wrong.
Also, the possibility of further damage to the roof should be taken in to account.
No, this is not advisable.
Not only will jet washing your roof shorten the lifespan of the roof covering, there is the risk of forcing high pressure water back in to your roof space, creating potential further issues.

Your first job should be to contact a reputable contractor who can advise you on the best course of action.
All roof work is dangerous and should not be attempted by untrained individuals.
Moss removal can be laborious and time consuming as well as dangerous. Moss and lichen can be effectively removed with the use of scrapers and brushes. Once the bulk is removed, a biocide treatment can be applied. This will actively continue to attack the moss and lichen spores, cleaning your roof further over the following weeks.
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